Many times we find it difficult to concentrate or focus on a task, no matter how easy or difficult it is. The hustle of keeping up with work, studies or live in general causes us more anxiety than peace of mind. Always before a race, athletes need to make sure to warm up and stretch their muscles. They train specifically for running. When it comes to studies or the workplace, meditation is the bench press equivalent for your brain.

After conducting multiple studies, neuroscientists from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital found out that there is a significant increase in cortical thickness in those who meditate. They noticed that in the brain regions associated with attention, interoception and sensory processing were thicker in meditation participants.

Scans showed that 50-year-old meditators have the same amount of prefrontal cortex as 25-year-old meditators, suggesting that meditation practice may slow age-related thinning of the frontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex houses active and working memory in addition to regulating decision making. The studies also showed a marked increase in the left hippocampus which assists in learning, memory, and emotion regulation.

Research has also proven that certain beneficial rhythms enhance mental performance. This leads to improved learning, a better memory and, consequently, a stronger mind. Synctuition’s rhythmic entrainment frequencies provide a neurophysiological advantage for the stronger formation of neural connections during listening by increasing neuronal responses in localized brain networks.