For centuries, humanity has believed in soulmates. The Greek myth talks about four-limbed humans that were split in half in punishment for their pride. They would forever long for their other half: the other half of their soul. Only when unified again, they would know no greater joy than that. Even the most skeptical can’t deny that human beings are not put on this earth alone; we are social beings who yearn for attraction and love.

Mastering love means saying goodbye to loneliness. Love reinforces our happiness and strengthens every part of our body. And yet, we question why we find ourselves lacking this much-needed attention. In this age of technology and globalization, it seems that being closer to others is the easiest thing, but it also pulls us apart. Many relationships are ruined these days because people run out of things to talk about or get tired easily of their partner’s presence.

Studies have shown that people who meditate together gain increased feelings of closeness and willingness to self-disclose with partners over time.  Meditation aids to bloom feelings of closeness, empathy and openness. Further research proved this is caused when the “empathy” area of the brain (anterior insular cortex) lights up significantly through mindfulness.

Apart from the heightened intimacy, Synctuition also contributes significantly towards the reduction of stress, which is often the main reason behind friction in relationships.