Happiness: that one thing we all pursue in this world. We spend our lives trying to find the equation equivalent to happiness. This is normally composed of three key factors: having meaningful social and romantic relationships, excelling at our professions and having the freedom to make our own life choices. And yet, research into happiness has yielded something often unseen: wealthier, more educated or accomplished people aren’t necessarily happier than most.

Nowadays, happiness seems to be more about ticking boxes and following trends, but, in reality, it is something which varies depending on each person. Finding the correct formula or balance is something more complex than we imagine. Perhaps, this is because happiness should not be defined as a temporal, ever-changing state, but rather as the result of having many happy moments throughout your life. It is, in fact, the conclusion of many moments of joy, pleasure and positive feelings.

But how can we gather all the joyful moments and life circumstances that we need to feel happy? The answer lies in how you treat the opportunities you are given. This is when your intuition becomes a major game player. Although usually ignored, your intuition, that gut feeling at the back of your head, is always right. Learning how to work with it and not against it will reveal parts of yourself that were previously unknown or hidden.

Intuitive people are less likely to make a decision that will have severe consequences in their lives, making them unhappy. They also have a strong measure of control their life circumstances. When we are able to make positive decisions and live a balanced existence, our path to happiness immediately widens.

The most effective way to become more intuitive and consequently, be happy,  is listening to Synctuition. The program’s binaural sounds can help place you in receptive states that make your intuition easier for you to access. Synctuition’s tracks are designed to improve your happy hormones and the accompanying brainwave entrainment assists you in staying focused and close to your innermost thoughts.