Stress is a double-edged sword; while healthy stress levels can push you to your peak performance, too much of it can have devastating consequences. When we concentrate on a problem too much, it grows in our mind and affects our physical health and mental wellbeing. Our bodies only designed to handle stress in small doses, after all. That’s why, when subjected to constant pressure, it is common to develop symptoms such as low energy, insomnia, inability to focus, headaches, etc. On a long-term basis, extreme stress levels have the potential to strain the heart, rob us of mental clarity and increase the risk of chronic disease.

An obvious solution to the dilemma would be to change your lifestyle and cut out all those things that generate stress. Unfortunately, as the causes are our careers and family responsibilities, cutting out all of that from our lives is something must of us can’t fathom.

Researchers have concluded that we are able to balance stress levels and minimize the negative physical effect in our bodies. As stress starts in our mind, meditation is the perfect antidote to cope with it. Through mindfulness, stress and anxieties from the past or present begin to fade as you allow yourself to see the bigger picture. You become more involved in the present and choose to focus your attention on sounds or images that help you relax.

That is what Synctuition does: its sound technology helps you to adapt to and establish a relaxation routine, which triggers the body’s natural relaxation response.