When we think of the word “genius”, to many, Albert Einstein is the name that comes to mind. Known as one of the most brilliant minds to ever grace the world, his discoveries still influence today’s society. While trying to discover the secrets of the universe, he realized a valuable thing about our minds famously saying: “the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a grateful servant.”

Intuition is commonly regarded as the sixth sense and the most powerful of them all. It has its roots in the brain, as this is the most powerful sensory organ we have — capable of being trained to develop memory, language skills, mathematical abilities and also intuition. All of this is achieved thanks to neuroplasticity, a property of the brain with the ability to produce change and adapt. The strength of intuition largely depends on the ability of your left and right brain hemispheres to communicate.

Becoming more intuitive is the key to an improved health, happiness and success. And just like any other ability, you need help in developing your intuition. A few basic tricks to achieve this is to learn to trust your gut, learn from your dreams and become more mindful. Yet, the most effective way to become more intuitive is Synctuition.

Synctuition is the continuation of Albert Einstein’s ideas into increasing the power of intuition. This highly efficient method can increase intuition in a natural way.  The patented combination of binaural beats and 3D sounds at just the right frequencies to bring you to a pleasant meditative state that allows your imagination to take over and send you off to a ride of your life where you will have to use your intuition to guide you on your journey.