In the age of technology, is easy for many of us to succumb to the glow of a screen when we are in the middle of an important task or while walking down a busy street. In fact, research has proven that, in some countries, people spend more time online or watching TV than sleeping. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tinder have become the cornerstone of modern communication and connection as it allows users to create a sense of belonging and redefine their way of being. As a result, many spend their day glued to their phone’s screen for fear of “missing out.”

This infatuation with screens has unfortunate consequences as experts have stated it can cause fatal changes in brain regions involving emotional procession, executive attention and decision making.

The term “digital detox” has become well-known and increasingly popular as it proposes a technology time out in favor of our mental and physical health. Although a difficult task for many, a digital detox proposes a couple of steps in order to be less dependent on technology.

For those who need an extra-help to relieving their screen addiction, meditation is a perfect choice. When you meditate, you take your mind away from distractions. Instead, you rest your attention in placid and relaxing images or sounds. Synctuition makes the process much easier: you will only need a pair of headphones and a bit of time to immerse yourself in the 3D soundscapes designed to take you to a pleasant, relaxing space.