When thinking about traveling, our mind evokes images of beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels and relaxing landscapes. In reality, traveling, especially constant traveling, is less glamorous than what we might imagine. The stress of getting to the airport on time, lack of sleep, the cramped conditions on most modern airplanes and the brutal effects of jet lag can turn travelling between places a nightmare for many people.

According to scientific research, the effects of jet lag have long-term negative consequences on travelers’ well-being and physical health. Dehydration due to dry pressurized cabin air, motion sickness, general fatigue and mental stress are among the most common jet lag symptoms.

Some of the best well-known tips to cope with the effects of jetlag are: keeping yourself hydrated, staying active, breathing, meditating and using Synctuition.

In 25 minutes, Synctuition induces you into a meditative stance, which has been proven to lower both the physiological and mental effects of stress and fatigue induced by traveling. The audio journey will take your mind off your immediate surroundings, transporting you away from the stress and helping you cope with the damaging effects of jet lag.