There is one key skill you’ll need to master if you’re to become a true leader or a titan in business – expert or strategic intuition – the ability to spot the hidden connections.

Steve Jobs famously noted, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Why do some people seemingly overflow with brilliant insights? What do they know that you don’t?

Professor William Duggan, the author of the bestselling book Strategic Intuition, writes that, at it’s most basic, strategic intuition consists of a wide combination of factors, including deep knowledge of the subject matter, understanding of the historical context, and the ability to place disparate facts together and assemble them into a whole. Strategic intuition solves a mystery through masterfully connecting unrelated pieces of information into one single answer.

Throughout the ages, military, political, artistic and creative leaders have insisted that they rely on a higher intelligence to formulate their plans and innovations. From Alexander the Great through Da Vinci, Newton, Napoleon, Einstein. Jobs and more, these great leaders and scientists discovered pieces of precious information and synthesized them in original new ways.

Strategic vs. Standard Intuition

All human beings are naturally intuitive. The strength of our intuition varies according to a variety of factors, but mostly according to how much time we have spent developing it. Strategic intuition differs from standard intuition, in that it is inextricably linked to expert knowledge in a set field.

It is based on experience and the rapid reaction to and recognition of patterns. It happens within a short time frame. It’s always based on considerable experience and mastery. It is often seen in the field of sports as well, where someone makes seemingly impossible decisions correctly most of the time. It is what sets Lionel Messi apart from his peers, this ability to make the right decision with a frequency that is statistically amazing.

It takes hard work

Dr. Duggan believes that strategic intuition differs from both “gut” intuition and expert intuition. The insights take longer to arrive and may often come at strange times like the middle of the night or while you’re busy with an unrelated task. He also posits that it often comes when breaking one’s standard routine. So it pays to try something new.

Strategic intuition always produces what Matthew May, the author of The Elegant Solution, calls “the singular and deceptively simple idea with huge impact that lies beyond the enormous complexity of the challenging business problems we all face in our companies.

I’ve studied my field, how do I improve my intuition?

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