Trusting your intuition would seem like the easiest thing in the world to follow. After all, we all have it, and we all use it at some point or another. No matter whether we are overtly aware of it or just go with the flow of life.

Have you ever just felt the urge to avoid a specific route to somewhere? or decided to steer clear of a vehicle you were driving behind because your inner voice made itself emphatically heard? Only to find out later that some calamity or accident took place not long after you avoided that situation.

So you breathe a sigh of relief, happy that you missed what could have been a difficult or life-threatening situation. But, what about when you ignore that same voice when it tells you to respect your doubt about accepting a new job offer or buying a new car? What is the difference? Are the heavy decisions worthy of more left brain activity where we have to think things to their fractured segments so that they no longer resemble the whole anymore?

A Superior Form of Intelligence

Intuition is increasingly being recognized as a type of intelligence, even a ‘superior’ type of intelligence, by mainstream science. Something that was once relegated to hippy new age thought or the workings of fortune tellers are now being studied. Why? Because of its palpable results.

The likes of Nikolai Tesla and Albert Einstein based some of their groundbreaking works on trusting your intuition. Science is at the forefront of understanding the workings of this complex, yet speedy, decision-making process. Therefore, intuition has been elevated to a subject of scrutiny so that we can begin to unravel its mysteries.

So, for the ordinary mortal who has it, but ignored it, how do we instill greater respect and practice of this life model in our everyday lives?

Plant the Seed of Intuition

It’s simple. But, also more nuanced than you would believe. However, like any seed, placed in the right environment it can germinate and flourish. What is this fertile surrounding though? It involves some easy and practical habituation.

  • Stop over-thinking
  • Recognize your inner-voice and give it some respect
  • Make time to listen to your thoughts
  • Learn to differentiate between thoughts, feelings, and instinct
  • Get in touch with your environment, both immediate and natural

Over-thinking and analyzing decisions to the point where you lose the starting point will just place you under an avalanche of disparate conclusions if you don’t draw the line and stop breaking things down further.

Quick on the Trigger!

Let your instinctive conclusions have some power in your decision-making. Often the first feeling or thought we have when we need to make a decision is an intuitive answer, that your brain actually processes quicker than the speed of light.

The amazing things we are discovering about the brain, how it learns and continues learning, how it actually stores experiences that we may not recall consciously and how intuition is wired into the automatic processes of the neurons, are leading to the conclusion that intuition is a superior form of intelligence that we all possess. Some of us are merely more trusting of it than others.

Synchronizing Your Brainwaves

Synctuition programs are designed to help your brain relax enough to give you space to allow these processes to become a habit, and get your body and mind into the practicing mindfulness and relaxation regularly.

The binaural tracks, when listened to for half an hour a day will modulate your brainwaves through 3D sound technology and specifically chosen sounds.

  • They will increase your relaxation
  • Strengthen your ability to meditate and be mindful.
  • Increase the quality of your sleep and conscious focus.

Synctuition can promise a program that will get you to firstly, recognize the difference between intuition and the other voices our brain pays attention to, and begin using this undervalued ability. The path to trusting your intuition more is within your sight.

In its use of 3D sound and state of the art sound engineering, which incorporates your personal frequencies, Synctuition’s binaural achieve a state of deep relaxation and generally improves your ability to access meditative states, thereby improving mental well-being.