Like eye colour, skin tone, your shade of hair, and body shape we all have mental and conscious characteristics unique to each of us.

Our range of mental faculties and attunement to our immediate and larger environment is also as unique as our fingerprints. Every experience and impression you have ever encoded in your conscious is there influencing the current and next set of mental processes. As we grow to know ourselves better we also learn how we operate and how we process and make decisions

Sometimes we are aware of how much we rely on intuition or do the opposite, and think things through. Where do you fall on the continuum? Do you have a slightly apparent sixth sense that’s got you out of trouble on some occasions, but you pretty much do life by trial-and-error? Or do you live your life tapped into a universal flow, and you are so highly intuitive that people think you are a practicing witch?

Some indications that your brainwaves are tuned into frequencies which others may not be as-conscious-of as you are:

 Super-High Empathy

 Deep sensitivity to your environment

 Frequent synchronicity and coincidence events around you

 Depression for no reason

 Panic episodes that are inexplicable or unprovoked, and unlike you

Why Empathy indicates strong intuition

The receptive empathic state is very close, in terms of brainwave function, to being in a less alert and mentally focused state. In this almost gamma-like state of consciousness, we are able to process decisions based on our preconscious programming and the neural matching algorithm in our specific brain. Our minds are able to match current situations to any stored or entrained experiences and in a millisecond, make a decision based on learned successes (or failures). This process works the other way too. A conscious state that is highly intuitive is able to tune in to several less-obvious factors in the environment that less aware people may miss, thereby giving them fewer factors to weave into the process of being able to draw a conclusion.

Deep sensitivity to your environment

Do you wake up to strong smells and bright light or what you perceive as noise? Or are you just highly sensitive to sensory stimuli, especially as your consciousness surfaces?

Or can you walk into a room and immediately tell whether a happy or stressful situation just unfolded? The emotions that the others are still feeling and processing are as real to you as if you were there to witness it, but all you are picking up are the remains of the others’ sensory (and perhaps thought) processes.

This kind of sensitivity automatically adjusts your parasympathetic system to be in synchronicity with that of the people around you… On a subconscious level, your mind is matching your body to the experiences of the others’, even though you may not have undergone the same experience. This calibration is a preparation, perhaps, of your system to match the states of the other people in the situation, and may be experienced as “picking up” on other people’s feelings in much the same way animals and dogs can be influenced by the emotional state of a person.

Frequent synchronicity and coincidence events around you

Do lucky coincidences happen to you often? Like you decide on the spur of the moment to spend your change you just got back from the till on a scratch-card or raffle ticket, and you win. Or you seem to regularly be at the right place at an opportune time and you find out an important bit of information that benefits you in some way.

Coincidences are a lot rarer than we think they are. Many times the strands of seemingly unrelated things that converge on an event to make it seem like a lucky coincidence may be a person/us acting on subconscious information that we may not be aware we possess but it is there, sitting in our brains secret “to do” list, waiting for the opportunity to match x circumstance to Y opportunity.

Unreasonable moods and depression

Do you find yourself depressed, angry or frustrated for no reason that you can fathom? You could be in a great mood, and all of a sudden your mood changes when you walk into a new situation or place. You go from joyful, to feeling “heavy” or from feeling good to suddenly depressed.

Quite often people with high empathy or people who are extremely intuitive can pick up on others mental states and automatically undergo their own adjustments that bring their conscious state into a concurrent state with those around them. This may mean getting to the office in a good mood only to step your elevated mood down with a depressed or stressed coworker. Sometimes what you are feeling has more to do with what others are feeling than with a feeling or thought originating with you. People who are very open can struggle to differentiate between what originates with them, or whether they are just reading others too unfiltered.

How to make it work for you, not against you

Working with this empathy is like taking a strong muscle and shaping and building it through training that can transform this sensory input overload into an inward-out focus.

This essentially is intuition, but instead of focusing on receiving information from others primarily, the focus can shift to an inner focus.

Synctuition’s specific audio programs have been designed to tap into these intuitive pathways and retrain your brain to recognize and use them in a more conscious way. All that is required from you is some time to be able to listen to the audio tracks, ideally before you fall asleep so that your brain can enter the relaxed state required to repeat and recode it into your neural networks.

We can access the intuitive mind, even though this practice has been lying dormant or undervalued. The binaural programs available through Synctuition are not teaching your brain something new. They access deeply rooted abilities that all of us already possess, but have unlearned through the way we are taught by school, life and work to emphasize the rational over the intuitive.

So why are you waiting? Get started with a free track at and unleash your full potential!