Are You Wondering Why the Law of Attraction does not Work for You?

Well, you are not alone. Our Law of Attraction video which focuses on that very question has ‘attracted’ over 7 million views! So, how can that universal law change your life? How can you have control over your mind and focus on positive thoughts? We answered all of these questions (and many more) in our video. In case you missed it, no worries; watch it now!

We are thrilled to share with you that our Law of Attraction video has reached more than 7 million views on YouTube since its release in November. After a very fun production process, it is great to see that our story reached so many, touching hearts and minds.

Controlling Your Thoughts and Focusing the Mind is a Huge Challenge

The Law of Attraction is based on the universal fact that “like attracts like”, translating your thoughts and materializing them into reality. Your mind acts like a magnet spreading messages to the universe and attracts back what it has already sent out. In basic terms, what you mentally plant now, you will harvest later. So knowing that, why can’t we just control our thoughts and live the life we have always dreamed of? The answer is simply, it is not that easy.

There two facts you should know to discover the secret of the Law of Attraction. The first one is that your brain acts like a magnet as it is the processing room for all the information you receive every day. Moreover, 90% of this information is toxic! The second fact is that how your brain digest this ‘toxic’ load at night determines the effect of using the Law of Attraction for achieving success during the day. So how can you have control over your mind, considering you have 70,000 thoughts during an average day?

Balance Your Daily Rhythm: Prepare Your Mind Before Sleep

The brain is extremely active during sleep as it processes an avalanche of information. As you sleep, all the negative daily information load is transferred to your long term memory. Eventually, poor night’s sleep is followed by exhausting mornings and moody afternoons. You wake up tired, have low energy, lack focus, and have an unproductive day. You become more vulnerable to the negative daily load around you. As you go to bed with this negativity in your mind and body, you have a poor night’s sleep again. Sounds like a vicious cycle, isn’t it?

So how can you cut this negative cycle? How can you have better sleep at night and wake up with a high mental and physical energy? The answer comes with a groundbreaking meditation technology: Synctuition. The only thing you need to do is to make Synctuition a part of your daily life and get ready to be amazed at the changes in your life! As a mind spa, Synctuition provides you with a great night’s sleep, life-changing mental clarity, and an energy boost as well as an immersive meditation experience.

Make the Law of Attraction Work with Synctuition!

As the world’s 1st meditation app with 3D sounds, Synctuition is like no other guided meditation app. Combining binaural beats, 3D sound technology, and personalized voice frequency, Synctuition cleanses your mind of negative information and place you in the perfect state of mind before sleep.

“Every 25 minutes spent listening to Synctuition gives you the equivalent of 4 hours of deep meditation!”

Acting like a mind spa for your mind, Synctuition washes away the day’s stress and negativity. And the result is a much more relaxed YOU; happy and calm, ready to have a great night’s sleep!

The production process: a lot of research, effort, and fun

As the Synctuition team, our goal has always been to come up with inspiring communication ideas as creative as our app. That is why we collaborated with a great team of people such as the renowned actress, Ingrid Margus, and the videographer, editor, and director Johannes Arro to produce our Law of Attraction video.

Ingrid Margus and Johannes Arro in the shooting, Law of Attraction
Actress Ingrid Margus and director Johannes Arro in the shooting of the Synctuition Law of Attraction video

Our director, Johannes Arro says that he got his inspiration from the script as well as Synctuition itself. In the video, he focused on a single character and followed her throughout her day. He continues as, “Aside from the story line, one of the main pillars of the video is the voice-over. That acted as the backbone to the whole story onto which I could build the muscle.”

What makes our video successful is not only limited to working with a great production team, collaborating with a stunning actress or creating a compelling story. It is that everyone involved in the process is a fan of Synctuition. So it is no surprise that there was a great synergy in every stage of our video project and an astonishing result at the end. See, likes attract likes indeed! So, let’s end with Arro’s words;

Being a Synctuition user myself, I feel that this program clears my head from unnecessary clutter that would hinder the artistic process in my work and presents a clear path for creativity. Surprisingly, I happen to experience more positive outcomes. Some may call it luck, but I know it’s more than that.”

Behind the Scenes

Ingrid Margus and Johannes Arro on the shooting of the Law of Attraction video by Synctuition
The shootings took place in several places, from the city center to the beach.
Ingrid Margus, Law of Attraction
Starring Ingrid Margus, Synctuition’s Law of Attraction video depicts the story of a female character who has been stuck in a vicious cycle of bad sleep, low energy, and negative thinking.
Ingrid Margus in the Synctuition video shooting, Law of Attraction
Some part of the shootings took place in the city center.
Ingrid Margus in the Synctuition video shooting
In today’s modern world, we all face stress in the workplace as well as in our personal lives. That is why one of the key themes our video focuses is stress.
Ingrid Margus in the Synctuition video shooting
If you ever listened to Synctuition, you know how refreshing and awakening it feels. Just like being in the middle of a mesmerizing forest!
Ingrid Margus in the Synctuition video shooting
The video also consisted of beautiful nature scenes.
Ingrid Margus in the Synctuition video shooting, Law of Attraction
Ingrid Margus inspired the production team with her never-ending energy during the video shooting.
Ingrid Margus in the Synctuition Law of Attraction video shooting
All the shootings were completed in 2 days with an additional 10 days for the post-production process.

As we are writing this article, probably more and more people are discovering Synctuition, watching our Law of Attraction video and hopefully, replacing negativity with positivity; anxiety with peace, making Synctuition a part of their daily lives. Discover Synctuition today, make it a part of your life, and make the Law of Attraction finally work for you!