In just 8 months after the launch of our new app earlier this year, Synctuition’s growth has soared to a whopping 5% share of the entire audio meditation market in the United States according to App Annie. The growth has been so fast, that Google did a special case study about us, which can be found here.

Our beautifully crafted audio journeys are winning the hearts of people all over the world. With consistent growth and high customer satisfaction, Synctuition is now among the top 50 best selling apps on the Apple Appstore, above 37k competing apps. We couldn’t be happier and more grateful for these accomplishments and we have only our loyal listeners to thank for.

But that’s not all. In October 2019, Google chose Synctuition as one of the European top 10 fastest growing companies in gaming and entertainment. This means Google will help Synctuition to scale much faster and will now accelerate the growth rate and reach of Synctuition even further.

A fast-growing community

Numbers aside, what drives our team is the positive impact Synctuition has had on people’s lives in such a short time. A real testament to this is the incredible amount of feedback we receive from our listeners, which has now surpassed 1.5 million people. In fact, we created a separate department just to handle the volume of letters we began receiving. Your stories have deeply touched our hearts and this strong positive feedback is the greatest validation we could ask for to keep going.

Synctuition is the effort of over 800 people including neurologists, psychologists, musicians, meditators, sound engineers, and scientists. On behalf of our team, we would like to say a big thank you to our listeners. You have made this dream a reality.

We plan to end 2019 with over 13 million completed journeys in our truly beloved and well-established community. We were thrilled to see thousands of people actively engaging with Synctuition’s beautiful journeys and sharing their incredible stories of personal transformation.

Extraordinary facts about Synctuition….

  • Customers have listened to our audio journeys over 10.000.000 times
  • We have more than 1.500.000 active meditators using the app
  • Our meditators listen to Synctuition in 112 different countries
  • We received 100.000 positive track reviews from our customers
  • Synctuition is already among the top 50 apps for health and fitness in the US
  • According to App Annie, we have already won 5% of the US meditation market in revenue

Every day, more and more people all around the world are taking the first step towards a better life by using Synctuition

Our meditators are experiencing relaxation, clarity of mind, inner calmness, better sleep and greater power of intuition after listening to our audio journeys. In over 100,000 reviews, they have shared stories of change, joy, and success, saying:

“I gained a greater sense of gratitude and appreciation for the favor in my life. Indeed, I am lucky for the opportunity to be alive. I have hope in my future and where I am today! I choose this day to make a difference and live out the rest of my days with a sense of deeper appreciation and determination to make a difference.” — Miller Nikki

“This app is amazing. Easily the best app of its kind that I’ve ever had the pleasure using. The narrator’s voice is soothing and mystifying, and the binaural tones actually pull you deeper down. This is the first time I’ve ever had any success with tones for brainwave entertainment. I can’t say enough how great this app is. Try it for yourself!” — Randall Whitlock

“I have never been able to achieve a consistent meditative state in my life. I find myself looking forward to it more every time. This is the first time I’ve ever actually felt like I got somewhere positive with meditation. Thank you for this amazing program!” — Reckless G1

Make Synctuition a part of your journey towards a brighter self 

Our journey has just begun, but we are already thinking many steps ahead. With the recent release of our brand new Level 4, Your Inner World, we continue giving our meditators a relaxing and magical experience. This mystical level invites you to enter your unique, inner world in which you are free to create, build and explore as you venture deeper in. With time, your life will start reflecting the wonders of this new world in your everyday life. 

Are you thrilled with all the great things going on? The good news is that it doesn’t stop there as the next level, REBIRTH will soon open the door to a new life…

If you still haven’t listened to Synctuition, we would highly recommend you to start right now. We welcome you to join the fastest growing mindfulness community of Synctuition.