Inner happiness is a nexus of many circumstantial things. It’s far more than the absence of disease. Wikipedia’s definition from a psychological perspective states:

 “Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being which can be defined by, among others, positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happy mental states may reflect judgements by a person about their overall well-being.”

However, even the most carefully composed checklist of factors that would lead to happiness, is a work of fiction unless we have the tools and mental focus to achieve this state of being. Happiness is perhaps not a specific temporal state but the result of having many happy moments over a prolonged time. Happiness happens in retrospect, though it’s a conclusion of many moments of pleasure and positive feelings.

But, how do we accumulate these many pleasant, happy moments, and life circumstances?

In some ways, it’s the result of many good decisions on your part in making choices that are positive and affirming for you. In other ways it’s how you treat the circumstances you’re given.

When life gives you lemons, sprinkle a dash of salt, grab a slice of one of those lemons and down a tequila to make the lemon taste better? Is this not a better option than wallowing in the lemon crush?

Your intuition is always right. Learning to work with it, not against it is the key to success and happiness. Our intuition has access to our secret life. Parts of ourselves that we haven’t actualized, or become comfortable enough with yet.


So How do I Work with it?

Your intuition is always there. We may not always recognize the nagging voice telling us to do a specific thing over another different thing we are trying to do, but if it’s making itself heard, it’s healthy voice is a sign you should be following it. It really stops nagging when you do the right thing.

  • Programs like Synctution’s binaural sounds can help place you in receptive states that make your intuition easier for you to access.
  • Our programs are designed to improve your happy hormones and the accompanying brainwave entrainment assists you in staying focused and close to your innermost thoughts.
  • Regular “me” time you set aside for yourself is your time with your brain and thoughts –  to watch your thoughts, to program and visualize new goals and to keep up practice with entraining specific new habits.
  • The regularity of your practice has positive stress reduction and relaxation effects, making your entire mental focus clearer
  • Your regular mental practice and visualization will help your intuitive mind gain dominance and give clearer direction

Binaural and 3D sound assists the emergence of the intuitive mind. Knowing and following its direction will keep your decision-making closer to what suits your nature and circumstances since using your intuition is far more natural and quicker than sessions of analysis and rationalization.

Keys to Inner Happiness

  • By using your intuition, you are less likely to decide to do something that is not in your best interest.
  • You are more likely to not make a decision that will leave you miserable or unhappy or unable to fulfill your goal.
  • To be happy we need to feel safe,
  • We need to be physically and mentally healthy
  • To be happy we need to feel we have a strong measure of control of our life circumstances.

To sum it up, if you are able to make many positive decisions for yourself and your life, you are on the path to inner happiness. Being happy enables a better attitude of control over your life – you feel more in control because of the empowerment offered by your positive mental state.