Good Things Take Time.

Groundbreaking Things Take Even Longer.

We are proud to announce that Synctuition, the world’s 1st guided meditation app with 3D sounds, is ready to help change lives for the better.

After a 10-year scientific research and development process, Synctuition’s 60 audio journeys boosted with gamma-frequency (40 Hz) binaural beats and sounds from over 1200 mesmerizing places from all over the world are only a part of what we are offering with the newly updated Synctuition. So how can you get the most out of every single Synctuition audio journey? Let’s discover the story behind Synctuition and how to achieve the best results from using it.

We invite you on a journey of trust and self-discovery with our amazing audio journeys all built in levels with binaural beats. If you are wondering how to meditate with Synctuition and when to use this spectacular guided meditation technology, let’s begin with our story first. Welcome to the world of binaural beats, amazing meditation music, and an introduction on how to meditate with Synctuition.

Every life-changing idea has a good story behind it. Here is ours…

Before heading out to see how to use Synctuition, we would like to tell you a bit about our story that involves not only outstanding developers and meditation experts but also renowned neurologists and musicians.

Meditation is a life-changing practice, as we all know. Therefore it requires expertise and extraordinary talent when it comes to creating a truly unique meditation program. When we first started on our own journey, we brought the best talent together from different backgrounds to make our dream come true: a meditation app that offers 3D audio journeys with highly beneficial sound frequencies and real sounds from nature that are recorded in the most breathtaking places the Earth has to offer – a meditation app that is more than just a meditation app.

For years, our team of sound engineers traveled all over the world, recorded original natural sounds in thousands of exotic places and came up with 60 audio journeys grouped into levels with gamma wave binaural frequencies and different themes that will help to improve the quality of your life with the countless benefits of meditation.

And here we are now, ready to assist you in this journey of trust and self-discovery. But this is only a brief introduction to our story. Let’s discover ‘why to use Synctuition’ and how we’ll start this mind-expanding journey together and move step by step. Because we do want you to get the most out of this amazing guided meditation technology!

3 Steps for a Fully Effective Meditation Experience with Synctuition


Step 1: Record your voice in just 10 secs.

Everyone is different. So are their goals and solutions. That’s why Synctuition offers a personalized meditation where all the audio journeys will also include the specific frequency of your own voice as well as mind-expanding binaural beats.

As you start to learn how to meditate with Synctuition, the first thing you need to do is to follow the instructions before you start your first audio journey and record your own voice as suggested, so that Synctuition can embed your voice frequency into all the audio journeys. When listening, Synctuition’s personalized voice frequency will start to resonate with your subconscious mind. But no worries, you will not hear your voice in any recognizable way, but your subconscious mind definitely will! Get ready for an amazing guided meditation experience with Synctuition and experience the life-changing benefits of meditation. We promise it will pay back with immediate relaxation for your mind and body, even during the first audio journey.

TIPS: The more comfortable you are, the more you get out of Synctuition. As you start your journey, choose a place where you’ll feel comfortable. Trust us, it makes a lot difference!

Step 2: Wear your headphones.

Synctuition is designed to stimulate both sides of your brain to work in synchronization, our audio journeys send one frequency in your left ear, and a slightly modified frequency in your right ear. These two frequencies create a third one, called a binaural beat, which only exists in your mind. That’s why the second step matters a lot!

When listening, please wear your headphones so that you can benefit from the binaural frequencies to get all the positive effects that meditation has over your mind and body.

The more you follow the sequence, the more you benefit.

We train our mind just like we train our bodies through regular exercise – from the basics up to the advanced techniques. That’s why the use of binaural beats differs according to each level: the frequency increases in each journey. So when you listen to the audio journeys step by step, your mind gets used to this amazing meditation technology and you enjoy the benefits of meditation with Synctuition.

Good things take time!

That’s why there is a 12-hour break between each audio journey. Enjoy all of them one by one, day by day.

Step 3: Press the “Play” button

There is no specific time, place, and rule for meditation. Because if there was, then it would not be meditation anymore. No matter what your goals are, you can listen to Synctuition anytime and anywhere you want. The amazing technology of binaural beats, mind-expanding audio journeys from nature, and countless benefits of meditation are waiting for you to discover.

Ready to start your own journey?

Just hit the play button, whenever you want, wherever you are.

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The Themes of the Levels

There is a reason why you are here with us right now. And there is a reason why you should learn how to meditate while listening to our audio journeys in sequence.

Firstly, every audio journey has a different theme that is derived from life itself, such as love, confidence, faith, or intuition. Every level is designed according to the steps you need to take in your journey of trust and self-discovery, so the more you continue on the path, the more likely you are to have a stronger and effective change in your sleep, focus and concentration levels as well as experiencing so many additional benefits of meditation with Synctuition.

Would you lift the heaviest weight on your very first day in the gym? Well, you already know the answer. Each Synctuition audio journey includes a specific use of binaural beats which increase in every journey and train your mind day by day. That’s why you need to follow the sequence and enjoy the increase of more focus, creativity, and much more success in life!

So let’s discover each audio journey and theme of each level to see how they resonate with you and your life.

Tell me more about this

How to Meditate with Level 1: Discovering Your Path

Synctuition Level 1 Discovering Your Path

Open the doors to a whole new world.

Self-discovery is a life-long journey. Because it takes time and effort, it requires to proceed step by step, and it requires devotion.

Level 1 encourages you to discover your own path in life with 20 mesmerizing journeys with themes such as “Confidence”, “Gratitude”, “Love”, and “Breathe”. During Level 1, your brain gets accustomed to the Synctuition waves and at the end, you are prepared for Level 2. So get ready for an unforgettable journey towards your hidden talents

From the start, you will begin to feel the first results of positive thought circulation and experience a deep relaxation which you will truly enjoy. Guided meditation has never been this inspiring…

How to Meditate with Level 2: Journey of Life

Going deeper with Synctuition and getting the most out of this amazing guided meditation.

After completing Level 1, your brain is already receptive to the Synctuition wave and binaural beats. So its effects are obvious! Level 2 invites you to take a deeper step into your own personal journey to discover the “Mystery of Life”, “Time”, and “Faith”, and so many other journeys that will help to change the quality of your life for the better.

Are you ready?

At the end of Level 2, there will be many positive changes in your relationships, you will feel much more energetic, and have a deeper acceptance of life. Guided meditation has never been this mind-expanding…

But this is not the whole story…

How to Meditate with Level 3: Inner Voice

Synctuition Level 3: Inner Voice

Now it’s the time to master yourself and take your life into a new level.

After completing these 2 mind-expanding levels, you are welcomed by the fascinating Level 3, where you will hear something truly incredible: Your own inner voice.

If you are one of those everyday listeners, get ready to experience a very specific feeling of clarity in problem-solving, get bold confidence for making big changes in your life, and enjoy mindfulness, wholeness and pure happiness. Guided meditation has never been this life-changing…

How to Meditate with Level 4: World of wonders…

Synctuition Level 4: My Inner World (coming soon)

As we’ve said before, good things take time. Level 4 is on the way.

Coming soon…

When to listen to Synctuition

Anywhere any time, even when offline, Synctuition is with you. Stressed out at work before a meeting? Finding it hard to fall asleep at night? About to start on an important project? Just need to relax a little bit? Or just curious about guided meditation and want to experience the benefits?

There is no limit to meditation! Learning how to meditate is your personal habit, your personal practice, and most importantly it is your personal choice. So you can calm your mind and body with Synctuition whenever and wherever you want. Just be aware of the 3 steps we’ve mentioned earlier to benefit from our life-changing app as much as possible!

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Have some questions? Please contact us whenever you want!

A young woman listening to audio meditation with stereo headphones

Regular meditation is a practice that pays back big time. Especially when it’s done with the world’s 1st guided meditation app with 3D sounds… Be aware that you’re on the verge of an amazing journey! The only thing you need to do is make a decision for your own life: download Synctuition for free, choose the subscription option that works best for you and devote 25 minutes of your day to a life-changing guided meditation session. To benefit from all the features of Synctuition, please follow the instructions, listen to the audio journeys and enjoy every minute!