Can I listen to the tracks without an internet connection?
If you wish to listen to the tracks offline without an internet connection, please download the Synctuition app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, log in to your personal account within the app and simply press play. The mobile apps offer a fully functional Synctuition experience on your iOS or Android device.

Do I have to listen to the tracks with headphones?
Yes, always listen to the tracks with stereo headphones. Synctuition works by creating a binaural stereo effect where certain frequencies are directed specifically into each ear. The brain regions responsible for decoding the sound have to receive these frequencies separately through each ear, so that there is no sound crossover. That is the reason why Synctuition is not effective when listening through speakers.

When do I need to listen to the tracks?
While you can enjoy your Synctuition tracks any time during the day, we recommend listening in the evenings, especially before going to sleep for maximum effect. Falling to sleep after a Synctuition listening session will extend its effect longer into the night, making you refreshed and relaxed in the morning.

Can I listen to more than one track per day?
Get a good night’s sleep between your listening sessions, because sleep strengthens the effect of Synctuition. For this reason each subsequent track will unlock itself after 12 hours.

What do I do if I cannot hear any sound through my headphones?
Please make sure that the sound volume of your computer is not muted. You can turn off the mute and adjust the sound volume of your computer from the from your operating system’s task bar. The Synctuition player has no separate volume control.