This is not about how to get rich, but it is going to explain in some measure, how some lucky people seem to attract more luck, and how people who already have heaps of money, attract more wealth. In addition, we’ll explain how Synctuition can set you on the path to wealth.

The following article explains why some people can work hard all their lives and never accumulate wealth, and how some millionaires can lose their entire fortunes, only to be back at the top of the fiscal summit again within a year.

We get better at what we practice

In short, if you are used the feeling of being prosperous, your brain will encourage you to use the same behaviors, again and again, to maintain your environment because it feels nice and comfortable. You will act rich and feel rich, and recognize circumstances and activities that will make you affluent. You are in the habit of being rich and that is what you know. Your brain and character will try to model your environment into a pattern you recognize and thrive within. Being well-off is a hard habit to break.

Seems really simple, but is it? Being rich is a habit. But the acts and practices of habituation follow a distinctive neural process. The process is complex, and draws on a set of environmental experiences, learned behaviors and practices that promote the modeling of your environment to remain familiar, or re-creating that familiarity.

Sometimes it’s a matter of others’ perception as well. If someone behaves in a manner typical of the well-heeled, people will react to them as if, and treat them as if, they are wealthy. This only reinforces that belief and behavior in the fortunately endowed, and lo and behold, they will bring more of that to themselves by identifying and reinforcing the behavior that “earns” it. And those habits, which in part have been learned in the affluent world they belong to, will recreate that world as far as possible. It also helps to reinforce that tradition by being in an environment that is homogenous and familiar by seeing it around you and experiencing it often.

Recurrent Networks

Recurrent networks don’t refer to the affluent rubbing shoulders with each other (though that’s generally true) but refer to the mechanism of that axiom. A not clearly understood neural phenomenon called “Synaptic plasticity” suggests that what we do and reinforce (habits) change our brain structure in a way that makes those habits strengthen themselves

The plastic character of brain synapses is considered to be one of the foundations for the formation of memories. … It encodes spatiotemporal information in the synaptic weights as it associates a learned input with a specific response. We introduce a correlation measure to evaluate the precision of the spiking patterns and explore the effects of different inhibitory interactions and learning parameters. We find that large learning periods are important in order to improve the network learning capacity and discuss this ability in the presence of distinct inhibitory currents.

Old habits are hard to break

Top athletes and musicians know this well. Practice, practice, practice and surround yourself with contemporaries who have similar habits. Maintain your good habits to keep feeling good about them and your environment.

In a study by Friederich and Máté about goal-directed decision making they noted that:

” Behavioural and neuroscientific data on reward-based decision-making point to a fundamental distinction between habitual and goal-directed action selection. The formation of habits, which requires simple updating of cached values, has been studied in great detail, and the reward prediction error theory of dopamine function has enjoyed prominent success in accounting for its neural bases.”

How Synctuition can help you be like the rich

So the above shows us that we will go to great lengths to keep our world feeling good to us. So being rich probably isn’t as much about being fortunate, as it is a habit that has been reinforced.

This is where Synctuition comes in. By achieving a deep meditative state we can reinforce certain behaviors in ourselves. When you isolate the behaviors that help you achieve success, it becomes easier to replicate them.

In addition, by strengthening your intuition you will make better decisions when it comes to your finances, and you will be able to recognize opportunities on a gut feeling level. You will have fewer regrets about missed opportunities because you will learn to recognize a great opportunity when you see it.