What Does it Mean to be in Control of Your Life?

Generally speaking, it is when you are healthy in body and mind and you feel good about your life circumstances. When you feel like you are in control of your life, it leads to an overall sense of happiness. In contrast, when you feel like you are at the mercy of things outside of your control, it will erode your mental health. Additionally, your ability to stay positive wanes. And, eventually, this self-fulfilling prophecy becomes your general state of being.

Therefore, if you feel “control” slipping away it’s time to get help. Either from others or through your own efforts. If you feel like you are not in control of your life, how do you grab control of the reigns again, and steer your own chariot?

There are a few components that will help you gain a sense of control and autonomy over your circumstances. Having a locus of control over your circumstances, or feeling of control over your life is the essence of psychological autonomy.

Increasing Your Sense of Control

We can only begin with where we are in our journey. Taking the first step in the journey means starting with simple physical habits, then progressing to more complex psychological and mental habits.

 Change your habits

 Improve your outlook

 Practice meditation and visualization

 Cultivate a change in your brainwaves

A nice and tidy checklist that sounds so easy to implement, right? If you need to start, here’s the first brick in the wall that you have to build.

Change Your Habits

Let’s tackle this one. Three words, how hard can it be? But, change is often a scary thing, even though it doesn’t need to be.

It takes seven days to create a new habit and several more weeks before the habit is entrained enough that it becomes part of your lifestyle. That part can be difficult enough, but it can be even more difficult when it involves giving up substances and things that are bad for you. It is easier to adopt a new lifestyle or physical habit like starting an exercise routine. On the other hand, easily acquired routines can be the first to fall away if your lifestyle and routine cannot support or sustain it.

Improve Your Outlook

Your outlook on life is both formed by and forms, your attitude. These are deeply psychological matters that form a fundamental part of our being. Feeling like you have no control of your life is the same as not having control of your life. It’s important for our happiness to feel that we do have some control. Therefore, a lot is at stake if you feel your life is a will o’ the wisp experience subject to cosmic tides and stock market fluctuations.

If you have no control, your happiness and wellbeing are at the mercy of your surroundings and others. You have your own best interests at heart to step in and create the life you want. That is to say, mind over matter has a basis in reality. For example, the very act of thinking causes the release of neurotransmitters which affect you psychologically and physiologically, impacting your endocrine system and physical body. Consequently, negative thinking can make your brainwaves change in ways that can have a negative impact on your overall wellbeing.

Practice Meditation and Visualization

Entering deeply relaxed states through meditation is a stepping stone to climbing the ladder of success, simply by visualizing it. Visualization makes goals palpable, and you are more likely to spot opportunities for these goals to be achieved if you practice this often. A daily visualization accompanied by 3D binaural sound catalyzes and conditions you to take control.

Cultivate a Change in your Brainwaves

Therefore, in order to be in control, it’s not just the physical you need to regulate. It’s the psychological too, which has a significant effect on your mood, hormones, and brainwaves. Time spent in your own head is paramount to creating the mental environment for you to prune negative thoughts and encourage life-affirming thinking.

In short, taking control of your life isn’t a sudden and definitive action. It seems more that it is the slow building and eroding of a structure that is crafted by regular adjustments and practices. Tackle many small things, and big changes will follow as the critical mass changes its nature.

Synctuition’s binaural 3D sound programs are designed to modulate your brainwaves so you can access synchronous and relaxed mental states with less effort than standalone meditation. As a result, you can achieve better and more sustained results in a shorter amount of time. Ready to give it a try?