The numbers are simply staggering. An incredible 90% of ALL weight loss attempts and body transformations end in failure. What’s worse even worse is that almost 50% of all people who start a diet or weight loss program end up gaining more weight than they started off with.

It is clear that there’s something inherently wrong in ho we have been taught to approach losing weight and changing our lifestyles.

The problem with traditional weight loss programs

Traditional plans come in one of a variety of styles or a combination of several of these styles. There are the simple calories in versus calories out system usually based on designing meal plans. Then there’s the exercise above all else approach. Lastly, there’s the drug or medical route, which ranges from diet pills to stomach stapling operations or liposuction.

Google weight loss and you’ll be faced with a plethora of fads, diet pills, easy ways to lose weight, miracle diets and belts, vibrating straps and all manner of other gimcracks.

The sad truth is that, while many of these may show initial results, they generally lead to what is known as yo-yo dieting, where you lose weight, gain it back, then lose it again. Not only is this really dispiriting, it is also very bad for your health.

Traditional weight loss programs tell us only what we should be doing, which many people don’t find sustainable. Rarely, if ever, do they focus on the most important part of your effort – your own mind.

When it comes to losing weight, we focus on the wrong things and then, when we fail, we look to blame the program or diet or, even worse, feel that we are weak, lacking in willpower and without the necessary discipline to succeed. For many people, this leads to depression, which in turn leads to comfort eating and more weight gain. This can become a brutal spiral into obesity and unhappiness.

It’s (almost) all in your mind

Being overweight is almost always about habits and breaking habits can be incredibly hard. What many diets also ignore is the fact that many overweight people quite obviously take great pleasure in eating. The sudden denial of this pleasure can lead to feelings of resentment and unhappiness. If you’ve been eating a cheeseburger for lunch every day of your life, switching to a salad and a glass of water can be incredibly difficult, and is a solution usually suggested by those who have never had to suffer through this ordeal.

This is where meditation comes into the picture. When you meditate, you give yourself the space and time to really explore your emotions and discover the triggers for your behaviour. People who meditate have been proven to be happier and emotionally more resilient. The deep self-knowledge gained through regular meditation will help you to truly understand the ‘why’ behind your behaviour.

Research has also shown that meditation positively impacts your physical health as well. Meditation can help with easing chronic pain, increasing immunity, decreasing inflammation, improving heart health and lowering stress levels. Studies have shown that meditation decreases loneliness, leaving people more secure and less likely to indulge in comfort eating. It is also a powerful tool in the quest to overcome addictions, which is essentially what weight or over-eating problems are.

Using Synctuition to support your weight loss

When you use Synctuition, you will begin to understand your deepest fears and desires and be armed with the tools to deal with these. People who use Synctuition are generally happier and more content after they start the program.

Synctuition also helps you deal with the immediate effects of bard cravings. When you feel an uncontrollable urge to eat sweet bards or devour a pile of junk bard, one 25 minute session will help you achieve a state of mental clarity and focus that will help you suppress and subvert the cravings. Synctuition can act as the perfect way to end your bad habits as binaural beats and the beautiful soundscapes will help your body release the same pleasure endorphins as it does when you indulge your cravings for unhealthy bards.

Each track is designed to induce a true meditative state in just 25 minutes. And best of all, you can do this from the comfort of your own home with just a set of stereo headphones.