Great sex. Most of us desperately want it, but few of us actually get it. If your sex life is dull, routine or simply unsatisfying, it may be because you are not using your greatest erotic tool – your intuition.

When it comes to sexual and intimate relationships, we rely heavily on our intuition to choose partners. This is what creates that initial spark of attraction and tells us that someone will be compatible. When we ignore our intuition or override it with concerns like wealth, social standing etc, we often end up in relationships without a spark.

But the power of intuition goes beyond just picking the right partner. If you follow your intuition during your most intimate moments, you will unlock an erotic part of yourself you didn’t know existed.

The perfect lover

In Judith Orloff’s book, The Ecstasy of Surrender, she lists the following ten characteristics that make a great lover:

  1. You’re a willing learner

  2. You’re playful and passionate

  3. You make your partner feel sexy

  4. You’re confident, not afraid to be vulnerable

  5. You’re adventurous and willing to experiment

  6. You communicate your needs and listen to your partner

  7. You make time and don’t rush

  8. You enjoy giving pleasure as much as you enjoy receiving it

  9. You’re supportive, not judgmental

  10. You’re fully present in the moment

Synctuition’s unique combination of binaural beats, gamma waves, and 3D soundscapes will help with almost all of the items on this list, so we recommend that you and your partner make a habit of listening to it before intimacy.

As your intuitive powers grow, you will find yourself more open and receptive to new things, meaning you become a willing and easy learner. The deep relaxation brought about by Synctuition’s journeys will also leave both of you deeply relaxed and in a great mood, meaning you will feel playful, open to experimentation and passionate.

This deeply relaxed state also makes it easier to communicate, as you learn to look deep inside yourself and get in touch with your body and soul’s true needs and desires. This clarity will help you tell your lover exactly what it is you need from him or her.

Users of Synctuition frequently report a strong physical response to the audio journeys, as if a lost communication channel between their brains and bodies has suddenly opened up. Frequent users also feel more in touch with their bodies and report increased health and an intuitive understanding of what their bodies need.

Living in the moment

It is the last and most important item on that list where Synctuition truly comes into it’s own. The deep meditative state brought on by listening to the audio journeys creates a feeling of being outside time, of living in the perfect moment and being fully aware of yourself, your place in the universe and the journey you need to follow to happiness. When you bring these lessons into the bedroom, you are able to connect to both you and your lover’s desires at a much higher level.

You frequently hear people describing the best sex they’ve ever had in terms like: “He just seemed to know exactly where to touch me and how much.” Ït felt like she knew exactly what I needed next.” “We simply connected on a perfect level.”

This sort of intimacy can only be achieved by trusting and following your intuition.

The practicalities

You will need separate headphones to experience the full power of Synctuition, and it is important that you use headphones. We suggest taking a shower, getting into a freshly made bed and simply lying next to your lover while you each listen to the same Synctuition track.

Let yourself relax fully. At the end of the 25-minute track, well, you will know what to do next. Whether it’s gentle caresses or wild, animalistic gymnastics, your needs should be very clear and you should be able to communicate them in a confident, relaxed way. Knowing and understanding your own desires is the first step on the road to great sex.

Enjoy the journey!