We’re constantly being told that relaxation is important, not just for mental wellbeing, but also for physical health. We spend vast amounts of money chasing the perfect holiday, creating comfortable spaces and otherwise seeking relaxation. The bad news is that many of these supposedly relaxing pursuits end up adding to our stress levels.

Have you ever experienced a long-haul flight with two toddlers? Had an airline lose your luggage? Shown up at a supposedly 5-star resort that looked like a weapons testing facility? Maybe you’ve gotten stuck in traffic on your way home from your weekly yoga class?

Not very relaxing is it.

Synctuition to the rescue

As just one of it’s many, many benefits, Synctuition has the ability to induce a state of deep relaxation within minutes of starting one of the 60 tracks. Best of all, you only need a set of stereo headphones to get there.

Simply sit back, let the beautifully creative sounds flood through you and before you know it, you’re giving your mind the full spa treatment.

You’ll feel stress evaporate and the cares of your daily life dissipate as you reach a higher plane of relaxation than you ever thought possible.

But beyond the pure pleasure lies a world of health benefits.

Synctuition as medical treatment

”Just sitting quietly or, say, watching television, is not enough to produce the physiological changes,” says Herbert Benson, director of the Division of Behavioral Medicine at Beth Israel Hospital, a part of Harvard Medical School in Boston.

”You need to use a relaxation technique that will break the train of everyday thought, and decrease the activity of the sympathetic nervous system.”

Synctuition’s unique combination of 3D sounds, binaural beats, and gamma waves have been proven to induce what medical professionals call the relaxation response – often described as the diametric opposite of the fight or flight response.

The relaxation response releases muscle tension, lowers blood pressure and slows heart and breathing rates.

New research is showing that along with these changes come shifts in hormone levels that seem to produce beneficial effects on the immune system.

According to the the Journal of Behavioral Medicine, when medical students are given relaxation therapy during exams, an increase in their levels of helper cells that defend against infectious disease is detected.

The degree of benefits is also directly tied to how rigorously they use these relaxation techniques. Those medical students who used the techniques just a few times showed little or no changes in the immune measure. Those who did the exercises most faithfully had the strongest immune effects, according to the report by Janice Kiecolt-Glaser and Ronald Glaser of the Ohio State University College of Medicine at Columbus.

This is why, unlike many of our competitors,  you will find us completely up-front about Synctuition not being a quick-fix solution. There is no shortcut or cheat code to happiness and health. Our program is a journey, one that takes input and trust from the user. The rewards are so much greater when you’ve earned them.

Heart disease and diabetes

As far back as 1984, a National Institutes of Health report recommended the use of relaxation, along with salt restriction and weight loss, as the first therapy for mild hypertension, before resorting to drug treatments.

Even diabetics can benefit from relaxation, according to research by Richard Surwit, a psychologist at the Duke University Medical Center. In a series of studies, Dr. Surwit found that relaxation improved the body’s ability to regulate glucose in patients with the most common type of diabetes.

Relaxation has also been documented as offering relief to many asthmatics by diminishing both the emotional upsets that can trigger attacks and the constriction of air passages that chokes breathing, according to a report by Paul Lehrer of Rutgers Medical School in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research.

Beyond these…

The list of ailments and conditions that can be treated with deep relaxation is almost endless. From chronic pain to respiratory illness – the benefits of deep relaxation are myriad. But you don’t have to wait until you have something wrong with you to benefit. Increasingly medical practitioners are finding that patients who continue their relaxation programs suffer fewer relapses and report generally improved health conditions.

Synctuition offers one of the simplest, most enjoyable ways to achieve a state of deep relaxation. In fact, we’re so confident that it works that we’ll give you the first track for free – no strings attached.