How would you answer the question: When are you ready for success? With the answer “Now”? “Yesterday?” ”No thanks, I enjoy failure?”

If you’ve been working hard to achieve some success in an aspect, or all aspects, of your life, you get discouraged when it doesn’t show up in time.

But are you sure that you are working on all the right aspects of your existence? Do you have the mental and physical tools to mediate a change in your lifestyle. And do you know what in your consciousness and unconscious could be throwing up obstacles?

Try as we might to bring certain goals and ambitions to life, sometimes circumstances work against us. Or do they. Are we perhaps creating this failure to thrive or achieve? Eighty percent of what we create and receive comes from our unconscious.

Whose time are we measuring

Do you believe in destiny? Your expectation of success is perhaps your absolute belief that you should have been successful by now. Is it perhaps the timescale you are using that is indicating the non-achievement of your goal? Make sure your measurement of success is realistic for your life. Whether it is or not, you can still start (or continue) on the road to accomplishment.

If you feel that you need to accelerate the attainment of your goals, then start a program that will help you get there.

Get into the best mental and physical state of health that you can. Exercising, sleeping enough and eating “right” will help with the more sensitive and complicated undertakings of adjusting your psyche for achievement and success.

But exercising those mental muscles is a commitment to regular workouts, as much as your gym exercise program is.

Find a mentor

Sometimes a person who knows the way is the best coach to help you achieve success.

Look objectively at the area in which you want to meet a goal. Are you in the position to connect with a mentor?

There are a lot of messy details that we may be able to circumnavigate in the process or practice of achieving your goals. Advice from a more experienced guide can throw up the guide-ropes when you negotiate a rocky or scant traveled road. Even if it’s a well-trodden road, it’s your first or second attempt, and there’s a lot to be said for having a psychological safety net.

Get a life coach

If a mentor is not your optimal choice, there are other options to help keep you on track. Find an objective support system in the form of a life coach or counselor.

On the days when you lack the motivation to do the necessary, there is someone to answer to or rely on for that extra nudge. The practice of getting into a habit will always benefit from having the right support, whether it be circumstantial or social.

You need something to keep you motivated, and sometimes a healthy, objective opinion is the most effective.

Mindfulness, meditation and visualization

All of these external psychological techniques and supports are only going to take root if you prepare the ground though. This means undertaking the mental journey and mastering certain techniques to make your road to achievement smoother.

Regularly practicing deep relaxation and meditation, visualization and other mindful techniques will help you see your goals, but also make a habit of seeing your success, whether it’s there or not.

So many studies tout positive thinking as the key to an affirming lifestyle and the creation of the success you “see” for yourself.

Accelerating the result

Synctuition offers 3D sound programs that help you achieve mental relaxation and focus through deep relaxation. This promotes willpower and the ability to focus on your goals. Only from regular exercise and practice will those mental abilities improve. Regular practice of Synctuition’s entrainment programs will become the “evening run” your mind’s muscles need to destress and focus on the important goals.

This assists in clear and focused visualization and unclouded thinking by benefiting from the positive modulation of your brainwaves.

Half an hour a day following the basic entrainment programs can start showing results in a week, and in a month you could be a positive distance ahead of where you are now along your path.