We always look to others to help us with health issues. We look for “diets”, exercise programs and personal trainers, physicians who can advise and prescribe for us or give us a roadmap to health. The truth of it is that WE know. We can trust ourselves and our intuition if we recognize those thoughts and voices. One size fits all diets and exercise programs, and training regimes are just that. Fits everyone, customized for no one. Our individual and unique bodies may not respond well, and if we become aware of this, on some deep level we recognize that our inner voices know better.

Your body knows

You know those days when you get home from work, starving because you’ve had such a busy day that you skipped lunch. You open a packet of crisps and finish them on the way to the fridge. You reach into the fridge and demolish the chocolate cake left over from last night while you wait for the healthier leftovers to warm up. One thousand calories later, your bard is warm, but now you can only eat a few mouthfuls, and can’t even think of what you’re going to make for dinner in a few hours. The warm fuzzy feeling you had from the chocolate cake endorphins have worn off. You now feel bloated, and physically and mentally disgusted with yourself.

The disgust is not only a physical result of the avalanche of bad-for-you chemicals coursing through your digestive system and veins, it’s a result of the voice in your head saying, “You should know better”. After all, you could have gone directly to the fridge and pulled out an apple or a carrot instead of the crisps and cake.

Health is in your mind first

Prepare yourself mentally to be healthy. Differentiate between the psychological and biological.

Mental health, physical habits, and psychological factors all converge to create your overall well-being.

Mental health is about instilling positive and beneficial psychological habits. This is integral to developing good physical habits.

Plan your time giving yourself space for your healthy habits to take hold. Planning meals and exercise and sleep times are the foundation of good health and inculcating those habits.

Physical habits

Follow your body’s natural cycles. If you are more energetic at night your voices will let you know you have the energy now to exercise or tell you if you’re tired and need to take a break.

  • Follow an exercise, eating, and mental health program.

  • Draw up a schedule for exercise and meditative time,

  • Commit yourself to a healthy eating menu.

When you are bard shopping listen to that voice in your head. When you reach for that cream cake, and the voice says “Don’t do it!” simply listen and put it down. It’s that simple. If you’re thinking about how good it will feel eating it later, realize the “feel” that’s in your head is about comfort eating not your stomach or body’s needs.

Psychological factors

A lot about health has roots in your psychology. If you eat to feel good about yourself, this will impact on your physical health.

If you are too lazy to make the effort to move more, this will impact on your physical health. Exercise promotes endorphins which will make you feel great so it’s almost essential to move more in order to feel good, which will entrain a happier outlook and healthier body.

Making time to do what’s right for yourself

That may mean making more time to shop. Make a shopping list and stick to it. Making time for mindfulness and meditation.

Use Synctuition to help you tune in. Synctuition’s programs can help you:

  • Relax mentally and physically

  • Promote quality meditation though binaural sounds

  • Increase your intuition through modifying your brainwaves.

  • Make your intuitive voice stronger and more easily recognizable to your conscious mind

  • Altering your brainwaves to increase a positive mindset

  • Place you in a mental state which will make you more eager to get physically active and healthy.

The only voice that counts when it comes to your health is your own. Your inner voice should have the final say.

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