Regret comes in many different shades and strengths. Choosing the beef when you actually wanted the chicken is one thing, but living a life of regret because you turned down a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is another matter.

Why is it that some people seem to make the right choices as a matter or course, while others are forever second-guessing themselves and sweating over even the tiniest of decisions, which they invariably get wrong in any case?

Are you the victim of your own poor decisions? Did you turn down the offer to join your college roommate’s tech company only to find yourself living with your parents at 35 while that roommate has just bought their second private island? Did you decide on a holiday in the desert instead of a skiing lodge despite the fact that you get sunburnt by just looking out the window on a hot day? We bet you that every time you made this wrong decision, you knew it was wrong, even as you made it. You chose not to listen to your intuition.

Nagging self-doubt…

…And how to decrease the volume of that little other voice that tells you that you need more information before you decide.

Let’s be honest. You have two inner voices and one is louder than the other. One voice is the impulsive, quick to decide voice that is almost invariably right. But that’s not the one you listen to. No. You give the other, reasonable voice its say too, and you allow it to speak louder and more frequently. Because you are a reasonable person, and one needs to weigh decisions carefully. How terrible will you feel if you chose the Strawberry ice-cream when you find out the Chocolate ice-cream has real chocolate chips? Tragedy!

These are the self-doubting, self-defeating actions that will hold you back from being in touch with you true, “higher” intelligence. Imagine if you could train your brain to act with confidence and no regret.

Train your brain to recognize “gut instinct”

While this may sound unbelievable to the average person, it is indeed the average person who can benefit the most from Synctuition’s intuition training.  If you are reading this:

  1. You have an inkling that Intuition can be trained and honed to a finely tuned instrument

  2. You need help doing this.

How Synctuition can help you train your gut instinct

Synctuition’s 60 audio journeys are designed to help you reach a deeply relaxed, meditative state in the comfort of your own home.

Synctuition uses the latest technology in sound recording to produce specific patterns of sound that stimulate the effortless flow of brainwaves between hemispheres of the brain. The program has been specifically designed to teach and exercise the brain to get better at this by practice and promotes particular brain waves resulting in a higher level of intuition.  By listening every day, your brain will benefit from the regular stimulation, learning how to default to a more intuitive way of thinking with practice.

So make time for yourself. All it takes is an undisturbed half an hour a day, ideally before bedtime. Get into bed, listen to a 25-minute Synctuition binaural audio before you drift off to sleep. The audio and your brain will do all the work of knitting together neural connections while you sleep. After doing this regularly for a while, you will find that you make decisions faster and with more confidence. Watch this introductory video, then register for your free trial and start making decisions without regret.