As the winter freeze really starts to bite in the northern hemisphere, most people need some cheering up. The great news is that, even though it may not seem that way at the moment, spring is not that far off.

In fact, we suggest enjoying these last weeks of cold and making the most of them. There are some indulgences that simply don’t work in summer.

Here are the four things you should binge on during the remaining cold:

Hot chocolate

Yes, you could drink it during summer, but it somehow just doesn’t feel right. To make the most of it, don’t use the store-bought powder. Heat some milk and slowly stir in a slab of dark chocolate, top with marshmallows and drink while watching the snow drift down outside.

Movie marathons

Nothing beats a lazy day binge-watching some great movies. Create a nice nest on the couch with pillow, blankets and snacks and settle in for a private film festival.

Visit a sauna

A staple of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia, the sauna is the ultimate winter treat. These countries really know a thing or two about dealing with winter, so learn from them. A sauna is the only guaranteed way to get rid of that lingering ‘chilled to the bone’ feeling.


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